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VMI Affiliate Program Management in LinkShare

  • December 16th, 2011

Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Partner - LinkShareThe LinkShare Affiliate Network is one of the big traditional networks in the US and around the world. Versa Marketing Inc. manages cost per sale programs in LinkShare’s Exchange Platform. We’ll also work with LinkShare’s Lead Advantage team for some Lead Gen programs.

As an affiliate agency, sometimes termed outsourced affiliate program management (OPM), VMI works with many different affiliate networks. VMI always launches affiliate programs on a clients behalf, ensuring that they retain ownership of their affiliate program. Whether we launch a program or take over management of a program, our client always retains ownership of that program.

Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Partner - LinkShare ScreenshotLinkShare has a large base of affiliates in their network that we recruit to join the programs we manage. With this large base, many different types of programs can do well in LinkShare. The Versa Marketing team works to engage these partners and explain the lucrative benefits of promoting our clients products and services.

LinkShare has been online since 1996, making it one of the older and established affiliate networks. If your company is interested in having Versa Marketing Inc. manage your affiliate program in LinkShare, then please contact our client services team.

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Fashion and Apparel Affiliate Program Management in PepperJam

  • November 5th, 2011

Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Partners - PerpperjamThe PepperJam Affiliate Network is a great network for fashion and apparel programs. Our team of affiliate managers likes the recruiting features at our disposal within the network for communicating with enrolled and potential publishers. Slightly smaller than some of the other affiliate marketing companies operating networks, PepperJam still delivers a top notch CPS network.Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Network - PepperJam

The Versa Marketing team can launch an affiliate program in PepperJam or take over management of an existing program in the network. If you are looking for an affiliate marketing company that is sales driven, then consider VMI for management of your PepperJam program.

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A Few Simple Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners…

  • September 26th, 2011

Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management - Successful Beginner PhotoHere are a few tips on affiliate marketing programs for beginners that will get you started making money promoting a website.

A person or company that promotes another website is known as an affiliate publisher or simply as an affiliate. Beginners should know that it is pretty simple to get started. First, join a network. CJ and Google Affiliate Network are two of the easiest to get started with.

Next, pick a program that has a product or service that interests you. Then simply just grab an affiliate tracking link and put it on your website, email, blog, or where ever you choose. Copy the link and paste it into the HTML of your website or other internet based promotion.

You are now marketing an affiliate program! Remember, everyone is a beginner before becoming an expert. You’re no different. Keep New Years resolutions alive and start something new this year by starting to earn money through affiliate marketing!

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VMI and CJ – A Strong Affiliate Management Partnership!

  • August 5th, 2011

Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Partners Logo - Commission JunctionVersa Marketing Inc. partners with Commission Junction Affiliate Network for many affiliate programs. As an agency, VMI doesn’t own and operate an affiliate network. Instead, we partner with affiliate marketing companies that operate affiliate networks and we manage programs within those networks. CJ is recognized globally as one of the best networks (and considered the premier network by many in the US).

When launching an affiliate program in a network, VMI, looks at several factors to determine if that network is the right fit for our client. CJ is a good fit for our traditional online retail clients. When we have an established brand or website that wants a cost per sale program, then CJ can Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Partner - CJ Screenshotmake a lot of sense. CJ has one of the largest networks of affiliates, which means that we can quickly recruit publishers to your program. Commission Junction’s tracking and reporting tools are also trusted and robust. CJ also has a good communication platform on which to engage affiliate partners.

This polished affiliate network comes at a slightly higher cost to use. If you are considering launching an affiliate program in Commission Junction, then contact Versa Marketing Inc. first to find out if you are eligible for a discount. VMI’s affiliate managers have over a decade of experience managing affiliate programs in CJ and can optimize a program for continued growth.

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AvantLink – A Niche Affiliate Program Network

  • June 24th, 2011

Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Partner - AvantLinkAvantLink is one of the smaller affiliate networks, however, they have carved out a nice niche in the outdoor gear and sports category. Anytime Versa Marketing is consulting with an outdoor apparel company, we consider an affiliate program in AvantLink.

AvantLink Affiliate Marketing Network - ScreenshotAvantLink certainly isn’t limited just to outdoor recreation affiliate programs. They also do hunting, fishing… and I’m just kidding. Seriously though, any program will work in AvantLink – Wedding is also a category. The platform is only for cost per sale programs.

If you would like a proposal for launching an affiliate program in AvantLink, please contact Versa Marketing Inc’s client services team.

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Versa to Attend Affiliate Management Conference CJU 2012

  • June 20th, 2011

Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Conference  - CJU 2012Commission Junction University, (CJU), is the annual affiliate network event held in Santa Barbara each year. The Versa Marketing team will be in attendance again this year to meet with network contacts and CJ affiliates.

VMI’s affiliate recruiters are interested in signing up new affiliate publishers to the programs Versa Marketing manages. If you would like to meet with a VMI affiliate manager to create a plan for a program or just get information, then please schedule a meeting using the CJ scheduler or contact Versa Marketing Inc

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