The Client

A company in the Gifts vertical.

The Problem

The advertiser was internally managing their affiliate program and after a year of being live affiliate sign-ups had become stagnant. Less than a dozen affiliates were applying for the program each month.

The Strategy

Versa implemented a two-part strategy to increase affiliate sign-ups and results. The first part of the strategy included the introduction of a strong consumer offer exclusive to the affiliate channel. The second was to identify and target specific affiliate partners through Versa’s research tools and processes. Once identified, each affiliate was contacted individually and presented with the new offer and the value proposition of promoting the program. The following affiliates were targeted and recruited: Bloggers, Content Sites, Coupon, Loyalty and Rewards Sites, Shopping Portal Affiliates and Social Media Affiliates.

The Results

After less than of month of the new strategy being implemented, affiliate signups increased by 35%. The influx of new and engaged affiliates increased impressions, traffic, and sales for the client.


  • Introduced strong consumer offer for affiliates.
  • Identified and contact specific affiliate partners.
  • Affiliate sign-ups increased by 35%!
  • Increased impressions, traffic, and sales for the client.


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