Years of Strong Influencer Relationships and Campaign Experience Deliver Powerful Results to Our Clients

Does your brand need help with modern marketing?

The Modern-day consumer is smart and their purchasing habits have changed drastically over the last few years. Brands need the right influencer marketing agency to succeed with the modern consumer.

At Versa, we are here to help you determine the type of influencer marketing that will power your brand’s goals and design the best strategies to powerfully convey your brand’s message to target consumers.


Influencer marketing is a strategy we excel at and a service that we have provided to our clients for years. Our robust experience and strong foothold in this pivotal marketing strategy has allowed us to develop strong relationships with high profile influencers for our clients and a depth of industry knowledge that differentiates us from other agencies.

Brands need to partner with the right people to tell their story

Your brand has a story to tell but consumers don’t trust information from your brand itself. They need recommendations from a third-party source like friends, family and trusted online sources. In fact, 80% of consumers consult third party online resources like bloggers before making a purchase decision. Here at Versa we know how to work with your brand to identify the influencers who can reach your target consumers.

We have crucial technology and experienced professionals.

We use industry-leading software combined with a hands-on approach to identify, vet and select the perfect influencers to pair with your brand. Versa has established and nurtured relationships with top performing influencers for years. Our publisher development team handles all the difficult steps needed to guarantee optimal results for our client’s influencer marketing programs.

Relationships lay the groundwork for everything Versa stands for

Our strong relationships with clients are built with dedicated account managers and reoccurring campaign meetings. We also take our relationships with our influencer partners very seriously which has allowed us to build a team of dedicated and experienced influencers who we partner with the right clients for powerful campaign results.

We Emphasize Blogger Outreach Programs at Versa Because They are the Building Blocks of Influencer Marketing Success

Our Blogger Outreach program connects your brand to the ideal writer who can organically work your messaging into their content.

  • At Versa we ensure that all earned media and content follow FTC guidelines
  • We work with high quality publishers to ensure authentic posts and measurable results through performance-driven ROI reporting
  • Our years of experience elicits creative campaign ideas and content from influencers that builds your brand’s image and powers sales
  • Since bloggers are almost always active on a variety of social channels, at Versa we run multi-channel campaigns to encompass the power of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even LinkedIn for our B2B clients

We’ll Manage Everything

Our holistic approach to management ensure that every aspect of your program will be fully managed by us. Freeing you up to focus on the core of your business.


  • Set campaign goals.
  • Objectives Identify key/focus products.
  • Assign product allocation budget.


  • Brand Story Copy
  • Swipes Seed Images
  • Product Details
  • Review Highlights
  • Consumer Offers


  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Setup Identify target influencers
  • Prioritize outreach
  • Message creation


  • Message influencers
  • Engage and Secure Publishers
  • Facilitate product distribution
  • Provide guidance and materials to influencers.
  • Outline approved marketing to influencers


  • Monitor products received
  • Evaluate content creation
  • Report influencer metrics (reach, impressions, engagement, sales)

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