4 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing and Fashion Look So Good Together

No industry moves quite so fast, trends so quickly, and changes so completely as the fashion industry does. New designers from all over the globe are constantly reinventing style and the days of waiting months for the bulky seasonal release magazines are long gone. Digital marketing and social media are the only ways to keep up with the breakneck speed of fashion trends, and the best way to leverage these methods to your advantage is influencer marketing. Let’s break down a few reasons why this pairing works so well…

Quick Change

As was referenced above, fashion trends move quick. So, it makes sense to put your brand’s hot new styles into the hands (and on the bodies) of influencers. These blog and social voices can instantly showcase your goods on a wide variety of platforms to thousands of loyal fans. Moreover, you can direct your messaging to carefully targeted verticals on your precise timeline…say, to coincide with a spring release or a new website launch.

Point is, having a network of influencers that you can quickly activate on your schedule is a very valuable marketing tool. And the images, social proof, and evergreen content you earn are assets you can use whenever and however you want. Immediate impact and long-term value? That’s a win-win.

Fashion for the People

It’s a common knock on the elite fashion industry: “I would never look good in that!”, or “I don’t look anything like these models!” Face it, it’s hard to make haute couture relatable to the average consumer. The most effective way to make your brand resonate with everyday folks is to actually put everyday folks in your brand.

Not only do you already have these people in your network, you also have an enormous captive audience who see every look and trust every opinion. You’ll never get that sort of genuine and organic content from a direct brand-produced campaign. If you can show people of all sizes and shapes looking and feeling good in your gear, you’ve gone a long way towards making your brand relatable.

Who Wore It Best?

As the digital marketing world evolves, the data is showing that engagement matters far more than reach. All those clicks, likes and shares translate to exposure and brand recognition on an exponential level. Add in conversations on a blog’s comment thread and the impact increases even more. And, by the way, this approach feeds positively into the new Facebook algorithms, where “meaningful interactions” keep the post at the top of the feed.

Getting your readers involved is crucial. However, on a recent innovative campaign by H&M and Bloglovin’, they took it a step further and made it a contest, pitting hundreds of fashion bloggers against each other to win an exclusive meeting with an industry leader. The results were astounding: a huge amount of H&M branded content, an attentive audience weighing in on every move, and massive brand exposure (1.7 million on Instagram alone!). A little friendly competition between the top fashion bloggers in the world ended up with positive results with brand, blogger, and reader alike.

Different Looks, Same (Great) Results

Finally, let’s not forget how many different ways an influencer can reach his or her audience. Most professional influencers have multiple platforms to ply their trade on, so consider the versatility and different verticals this variety can offer. Long-form, evergreen content on a blog, the visual impact of Instagram and Snapchat, dynamic videos on YouTube, social networking and branding opportunities on Facebook and Pinterest…it would take a huge in-house marketing team to apply equal talent and expertise to each channel. Most influencers are already experts on most platforms, and, with careful management, a network can have all those bases covered easily. This shouldn’t be overlooked; it’s not hard to miss crucial messaging, tactics and regulations on multiple channels. Why not hire the experts to do their thing naturally for you?

Are you a brand that this type of strategy resonates with? Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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