Neat Affiliate Program Management in Commission Junction

The Neat Company manages their affiliate program in Commission Junction. CJ makes affiliate management easy because they provide what you need in one place. The Neat Company asks “Do you know where your important documents are? Are they all together in one safe, organized place?” The more advanced the world gets, the harder it seems to be to keep everything together. That’s why Neat’s advanced Digital Filing System is so valuable. Neat gives you one place to store all your important information, and it helps make that information easier to find, use, and share with others.

One of our favorite ways to use the system is to set up the wireless NeatConnect scanner near where you open your mail. Anything that’s worth keeping goes into the scanner, where it’s digitized and sent to the cloud. The information is safely stored in Neat, and the physical mail can go straight to the recycling bin. When it’s time to find important information from your mail, just sign into Neat, do a simple keyword search, and it’ll appear instantly. No more rifling through piles of paper or trying to remember where you stashed something. You can also forward e-receipts and other digital documents directly into NeatCloud, where they’ll join the rest of your documents in your digital filing system.

Neat does more than just store and organize your documents. It actively parses the information you send it, pulling key information like contact info from business cards and tax, total, and vendor from receipts. This information becomes easy to use; export it to other programs, instantly generate expense reports, and more.

Neat offers affiliate partners 8% commission, a 45 day referral period and exclusive promotions. All affiliates are encouraged to join the Neat Company affiliate program. Affiliate partners can sign up directly through Commission Junction, as well as contact Versa Marketing Inc. for more information and assistance getting started.

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