The Client

Company in the online services vertical.

The Problem

The client’s established affiliate program was experiencing a disproportional rate of existing customer sales vs. new customer sales.

The Strategy

In order to acquire new customers, Versa implemented an updated tracking pixel to record new versus existing customer sales. With the new insight into transactions it was determined that the client would b able to reward affiliates with increased payouts for new customer sales. The adjustment of commissions increased affiliate adoption of the program and created a natural incentive for affiliates to drive higher quality traffic. Along with the commission adjustment, an affiliate bonus contest was implemented to further reward affiliates for new customers generated.

The Results

New customer acquisition increased by 25% within the first year of management. The result was a more profitable program and the affiliate channel representing a significant source of new customer growth for the company.


  • Added tracking pixel to track new vs. returning sales.
  • Implemented new affiliate bonus program to encourage new customers.
  • New customer acquisition increased by 25%!
  • The result was a more profitable affiliate system.

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