The Client

Company in the accessories vertical.

The Problem

The client had an established offline sales model but couldn’t figure out how to generate online sales.

The Strategy

After multiple discovery meetings with the client, it was determined that a monthly subscription model would generate a significant volume of online sales for the company. Versa developed a high-converting landing page and click funnel and launched the company’s affiliate program in the top performing networks.

The Results

With an aggressive affiliate recruiting effort by Versa, the client began to see online sales near their offline sales volume. After 6 months, the landing page was converting as 8% and online sales eclipsed offline sales for the company.


  • Set up a monthly subscription model to generate online sales.
  • Developed landing pages and click funnels for increased conversions.
  • After 6 months, landing pages converted at 8%!
  • Online sales eclipsed offline sales after six months.

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