Affiliate Program Product Reviews – Calling All Reviewers

Affiliate Product Reviews

As an affiliate marketing agency we work with all types of publishers across the affiliate programs that we manage.  One large subset of these publisher groups are those who request product to showcase to their audience.  These can be review websites, influencers, YouTubers or anyone who’s readers want to see what they think about a particular product.

Many of our clients they allocate monthly giveaway budgets to get their product to affiliate partners.  At Versa, we manage the process of identifying the right publishers, reaching out and facilitating a product review.  For the publisher, they get a free product and the opportunity share their review with their audience (and of course generate revenue through affiliate program links).  For the advertiser (our clients) they are able to leverage the reach of these partners and also generate positive reviews and gather feedback.  It’s a win-win for both groups.

If you’re an affiliate looking to work with one of our affiliate marketing programs please reach out and we can help get your started.  Below is a link to a product request form.

Affiliate Program Product Request Form >>

Affiliate Program Accepting Product Requests

  • CrazyCap
  • Factory Direct Filters
  • Air Filters Delivered
  • Bio Ionic
  • Ouidad
  • Exposed Skincare
  • LynQ
  • Whisper Bidets

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out the Versa affiliate team.